Thursday, June 04, 2009

Taliban Swat'd

The news story of the convoy of schoolkids abducted in Pakistan does not seem to me to have been fully analyzed in the public accounts.  

My reading of it is that the kidnappers were radical units making a retreat in force from the Swat Valley--where they have recently taken a drubbing (they've been "swatted"--possibly by a Special Weapons and Tactics squad?)  I think they took the kids, opportunistically,  in order to create a diversion to allow them to escape back to South Waziristan.  Most of the kids were released, in order to create more confusion to allow the principals--still holding a smaller number of the hostages--to retreat further.

I'm thinking this was a close call for them, with possibly some high-value targets of ours involved.

OK, maybe the Pakistani forces had their Tora Bora moment, or maybe not.  Either way,  I still salute them for their sucesses in routing their internal enemy.  It was critically important to deny the Taliban a significant safe haven like the Swat Valley was being set up to be for them.   

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