Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Sweek Scores on Iran

They've already moved on to a new issue with a crazed Oprah on the cover, but Newsweek's June 1 issue (the one with a scowling Ahmadinejad on it) scored major points with me.  I recommend it to anyone; it increased my knowledge of Iran's regime about tenfold.  It's timely, but not too much so; their Presidential elections are coming up in a week or so, and reading it will prepare one to understand whatever comes out of that. 

It was the second issue since the magazine's redesign.  I'm no professional insider in publishing, but it screams "New York Times Magazine makeover of two years ago!" all over.  Possibly it's more readable in terms of sequence and format; it looks different but not necessarily any better.  I really don't care as long as they let Fareed Zakaria write about whatever he wants. 

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