Sunday, April 04, 2010

Baseball Picks 2010

AL East
Yanks--still making the right moves. Curtis Granderson is the new Bernie Williams.
BoTox--Offense is too weak for the top, but rotation will keep them in it. Adrian Gonzalez could do the trick in postseason, if they can get to it.
Rays--Good team, tough competition. I'd be glad to be wrong that third is the best they can do this year.
BJ's--I can't see any reason to back them for anything but last.

AL Central
Twins--Best of a mediocre bunch
Tigers--Don't seem really to want it
Indians--Fading from contention
Royals--Almost forgot they were still in business.

AL West

Rangers--It's a bad bet, but I don't like this year's Angels much.
Angels--Falling short every year will eventually do this to you.
Mariners--Cliff Lee is not quite enough.
A's--Not terrible, but moneyball is only earning fourth place of four.

Wild Card--Boston.

NL East
Phillies--I don't like what they've done--precious little, except for losing Lee and getting Halladay, but their competition isn't there yet. Three straight NL pennants is a bridge too far for this crew: their luck will run out when their bullpen's does.
Braves--On the rise again.
Marlins--Could surprise.
Mets--On the fall again.
Nationals--Could beat out the Mets, if the injury bug stays with them through this year again.

NL Central
Cardinals--I hate to say it, but they look like the NL's best this year.
Reds--Hope springs eternal; a couple more young guys turning up, and they'll be ready to contend/self-destruct. Maybe next year when Dusty leaves and they get a real manager.
Cubs--I like them a little better than the...
Brewers--Their pitching rotation is a joke.
Pirates--At least they're not the...
Astros--I really don't like what they're doing.

NL West
Rockies--Best of a good bunch. Jeff Francis' relapse could be the beginning of a bad trend, though.
Giants--Their depth is impressive.
Dodgers--Joe Torre hits a wall.
Diamondbacks--Their record last year was a bad dream, but fourth place is for real.
Padres--No hope here.

Wild Card: Giants!

Both the Wild cards I've picked could be pennant threats with their excellent starters, but I'll go with Yanks and Cards in the World Series.

Cardinals in seven.

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