Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Drumpfenreich 100 Days: Less is More....

....I am not arguing for a minimalist Presidency, but making an exception in this case.  With President Trump, the less he does, the better, and if he did nothing at all, that would be just all right.  Because anything he does will be wrong.

The administration has really not accomplished anything it was trying to do.  The one notable exception was the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and that would have to be laid mostly at the feet of the Republican senators who allowed pragmatism to rule over principle and abolished the filibuster as applied to the Court's nominees.

Mostly, but not entirely:  the Democrats in the Senate botched it, too.  Their best play was to extend the debate to the maximum, then allow cloture, then fight it some more.  Now they have no principle or rule to back them when the next, more critical Court replacement comes up.

Unfortunately, there is a long, long way to go. I cannot rely forever on his inability to demonstrate any competence, there is every possibility that his team can learn about how to accomplish its objectives, and Congress will eventually help out, as it did with Gorsuch.  A regressive tax plan is coming, a stupid healthcare bill will eventually be voted upon by both houses of Congress (filibustering methods are unlikely to contain it, now), and there is likely to be some sort of ridiculous "infrastructure" bill that will pad the wallets of his cronies and favorites (that's probably where wall money will go, as well).

The bottom line for me is simply no new stupid wars.  If that happens, we can all consider ourselves lucky to make it to 2021.   In the meantime, I like Legit PAC (look it up) to work for voter protection and take money of elections, and the DLCC and DGA to offset some of the Republicans' edge in the states in 2018.   I will be looking for opportunities to forgive repentant Trump voters for their sin.

Shutdown for the wall:  By the above logic, I shouldn't be opposed; however, "non-essential" government service shutdowns is exactly what Trump is trying to accomplish through his appointment of incompetents, ideologues, and cronies to all the agencies that help people.  Drumpf has shown the door--feed my swamp shark lobbyists to continue to study the problem, without actually funding the expense of building it.  Damage limitation is the name of the game.  

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