Saturday, October 26, 2013

Now Don't YOU Be Evil Now, Google!

I'm having some trouble being able to edit posts with Blogger using Internet Explorer.  I can look at this blog, even make comments, but when I open the editor, it just says "Error on page."  There's no help being provided, and I've made some experiments:  it doesn't happen when I use Google Chrome (as I am right now, on my son's computer).  Another clue:  when I go to my gmail account ("", if you want to email my blogger ID) using Internet Explorer, Google gives me a hard time about it--every time.

My employer requires a justification to put Chrome on my business laptop, and I am not so silly as to tempt the anger of InfoSec by saying, "I need it so I can blog on my work computer".  So, the opportunities to post are less--I have to wait in line for access to the homey.

Google has a monopoly on search, and it gave out this blogging software and gmail account for free, so I guess they can pull Microsoft-type monopolistic tricks (remember how you couldn't get rid of IE on Windows?)  They are riding a huge investor fad in their stock price; no doubt they feel they got it all.  They just don't get to pretend they are holier than MSFT anymore.  (I'm sure you're watching this, GOOG, so take heed:  pride goeth before the fall--and it's almost winter.)

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