Monday, October 31, 2011

Let the High-Tech Lynching Begin!

Herman Cain is the Clarence Thomas of Presidential candidates: a political embarrassment to his race, a really bad shaggy dog story that just won't end. Now, with the news that he has his own alleged sexual harassment story, the equivalent of his own Anita Hill, the analogy is complete.

Cheer up, Herman; Clarence passed through his klieg-lit trial of fire and got his big power gig, which he has managed to fill despite never making any public utterance for years, and so far is surviving a nasty piece of news about failing to disclose his wife's career as a paid lobbyist. He wouldn't seem to be anyone's idea of a brilliant Supreme Court Justice, except Herman Cain's.

I just don't think it's going to work for Cain to clam up this early in the process and shut out the media, which made him as a candidate.

Complete this series: Trump, Bachman, Perry, Cain....does the Anyone but Romney Right-wing Darling of the Month Club need to find a new flavor, can Cain survive after being banished East of Eden, or can one of the current flavors out there somewhere rise up from polltaking mediocrity? I would point out that Ron Paul is the unacknowledged heir to the title, as he is a solid third in every poll now (behind Cain and Romney). The difference is, Paul has staying power. The other differences are that Paul really represents something different, and that he is not considered a legitimate contender by most of the pros. His moment may finally be coming.

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