Sunday, September 26, 2010

Evolution Works Both Ways

Friday evening Bill Maher aired a brief bit from his old show "Politically Incorrect" in which current Tea-bagger Senate candidate in Delaware Christine O'Donnell asked the trenchantly stupid question, "Well, then, why aren't monkeys evolving into humans?"

My counter-question would be, "How do we know humans aren't evolving into monkeys?" Or indeed, into something far worse.

If we keep selecting for stupidity--something that poll results suggest Americans are on the verge of doing this election--our legislators will create an environment in which morons like them will survive and propagate themselves. If you've seen the recent "Nature" series on dogs, you will understand that intentional selection can work far faster and more dramatically than random, natural selection.

So, in a few generations we--or most of us--may be mobs drooling and hanging from artificial cellphone trees which don't work any more. The isolated remnants of homo sapiens will be hiding out in places like Hawaii and Bali that are hard for our neo-simian relatives to knuckle-drag their way to.

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