Friday, July 16, 2010

JOBS #2 (point-0)

I was rather amused by the cluster-talk this morning on CNBC about Apple's new iPhone4 and its defect of dropping calls.

I feel sorry for the poor, overjuiced geeks with funny gadgets stuck in theirears (or maybe theirands for the iPhone4), who are not used to having their calls on their cellphones drop in mid-sentence. On the bright side, though, many of the Apple-controlled Apps on their overpriced toys don't even need a cellular connection to do the lame little "cool" tasks for which they are programmed.

Here in Taos, there's no issue: we don't even have service from AT&T here yet, though I hear it's coming soon. When it comes, it'll probably slot right into the middle range of service, i.e. awful.

I am definitively not interested in phones which will fail to perform ever more tasks for which they are hyped. Until the USA gets its coverage act together--which to me means the cellular providers collaborate somewhat in ensuring that coverage gaps are filled--I will limp along with my minimal service level on a for-free phone. Or use GSM when I go abroad.

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