Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel

The surprise announcement that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize has caught everyone off guard, even in the White House, which apparently had no clue it was coming.

The prize committee has said that they are giving it to Obama because he has introduced a new emphasis on negotiation of issues between states and on nuclear non-proliferation. Both are true, and worthy, but the award is frankly a bit premature. He should have won it in a couple more years, when he had accomplished more.

The award is never repeated, so I think Obama should try to make some others look good and win their own award, like the Palestinians and Israelis, some Iranian who will discontinue the development of nuclear weapons, or an Afghan Taliban who will cross over and make a move toward peace.

By the way, the award brings $1.5 million, and Obama's donating his to charity. One wonders which charity.

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