Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why I Love Ricola

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Live Longer & Happier with Ricola Pearls!

Cigarette smoking cessation programs give lots of attention to nicotine addiction, and how to break or supplant that. My experience with them, however, is that they overlook other key aspects of smoking and its effects, and that omission makes it harder to quit successfully.

I have to give my consumption of Ricola Pearls much of the credit for successfully quitting smoking some 15 years ago--ever since, I gratefully buy them whenever and wherever I can.

First, there's what the shrinks call the "oral fixation". The smoking quitter needs--wants--something to take its place. Ricola Pearls gave me that satisfaction--without sugar, without messy substitutes like chewing gum.

There is an even more important benefit that I got from the Pearls, one many fear to mention. Smoking is a powerful laxative, and the quitter often suffers from severe constipation. Pearls' gentle laxative properties helped immeasurably.

P.S. Also with airlandings!

The site severely limited the number of characters in my post. I would add: 1) Ricola Pearls are now very hard to find in the US, outside of the NYC area, but are plentiful in the bodegas of East Asia; and 2) the bit about landings is that chewing the Pearls (also known as "Breath Mints", but crucially, the ones without sugar that are semi-soft) helps equalize pressure in the ears as one rides in a plane landing, and then afterwards to recover full hearing in the airport and thereafter.

Finally, the post did have a commercial motive--there's some sort of prize offered--but it is entirely true, and there's no financial reward here on the blog, of course.

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Chin Shih Tang said...

April, 2015: I have to say that Ricola pearls (the non-sugar ones) are almost impossible to find anymore. I bought some when I went through Switzerland once last year (and paid an excessive price). The hard ones with sugar are still around but not interesting to me.

Instead, I have found an accpetable substitute (also hard to find, but not impossible), produced by a company from Torino, Italy: The company is Pastiglie Leone, and the product is called "LeonSnella" (slender Lions). They have them in orange, lemon, blueberry (the best, but rarest), and licorice (to be avoided, IMHO). They are little gummy, semi-chewable drops, like the Ricola pearls. I have only found one place in Milano that sells them (the hard sugar ones are everywhere), so I keep going back there.